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Crassula ovata

Type: Cacti/Succulent

It is a succulent plant. It is native to South Africa.  Jades have thick branches and smooth, rounded, fleshy leaves that grow in opposing pairs along the branches. Leaves are a rich jade green; some varieties may develop a red tinge on the edges of leaves when exposed to high levels of sunlight. New stem growth is the same color and texture as the leaves, but becomes brown and woody with age. Under the right conditions, they may produce small white or pink star-like flowers in early spring.  They require a normal watering when the soil is dry in the summer, and very little watering in the winter. Overwatering will cause them to lose their leaves (it is easy to identify overwatering by the characteristic crinkling look that the fallen leaves have) and eventually the stem will rot away.

Mature Height:

6-48 Inches


Characteristics & Attributes for Crassula ovata

House Plant
Full Sun
Full Shade
Foliage Color
Dark Green
Season of Interest (Flowering)
Soil Moisture
Dry Soil