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Chicken Gizzard Aralia

Polyscias crispatum

Type: Tropical

Aralias grow in a wide variety of leaf forms and coloration.  The most common leaf forms are the familiar elegant, lacy leaves of the Ming, the rounded leaflets of the Chicken Gizzard, those of the large, aptly named ‘dinner plate’ aralia and the tightly crinkled leaves of the black or ‘spinach leaf’ aralia.  Variegations run from gold, cream or white, to solid green, and range from dark green, to almost black with some being nearly burgundy- colored in their leaves. The massive woody trunks and sweeping, curving branches and heavy, dense and somewhat shaggy foliage make them great specimen plants.


Characteristics & Attributes for Polyscias crispatum

House Plant
Foliage Color
Soil Moisture
Dry Soil